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I can help you develop customized solutions to increase your impact and organizational effectiveness while seeking to address the underlying causes of complex and sometimes chronic concerns. My approach looks uniquely at issues and addresses the distinctive causes that are contributing to a specific concern, not just the symptoms or signs.
Carrie Davis speaking during a November 2015 town hall about PrEP at the LGBT Community Center. With Michael Slater, Tiffany M., Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, Victor Hogue and Kashif Amin. New York, NY

Introductory, intermediate and advanced professional development trainings can be developed, facilitated, provided and customized to help organizations and participants increase their competency and skills. Training is delivered in small or large group settings (seminars, workshops, and courses) and designed to teach key concepts related and improve measurable skills. Training will be tailored to specific organizational needs. Some areas of training expertise includes:

  • Transgender training including basic and advanced competencies, policy, mental health practice, employment, HIV, human rights, youth and others - click here for more information

  • Group services training including instituting and improving group services for internal task and working groups, as well as client or patient-focused group services

  • Team and manager development training including situational leadership models, problem solving, and decision-making techniques.

  • Productive use of conflict in the workplace including the definition of conflict, understanding the value of conflict, and developing skills to use conflict productively in the workplace.

Carrie Davis and other transgender community and transgender leaders celebrate Bronx Trans Collective’s historic grand opening in April 2016. New York, NY

Organizational learning experiences, group processes, and planning can be developed tailored to help you map, manage, measure, and master the change you are seeking. This can take the form of sharing information and expertise, instruction, skills training, transmission of working knowledge, and the transfer of technical data. Some areas of technical assistance includes:

  • Facilitation of meetings and retreats

  • Group dynamics, development and growth

  • Leadership development

  • Team building and growth

  • Program development

  • Policy development

  • Conflict mediation

  • Developing and/or improving organizations and services for transgender people - click here for more information

Carrie Davis with Brian Offutt and friend at the LGBT Community Center's November 2015 Women's Event to help raise funds to benefit The Center's programs and services for lesbians, bisexual women and transgender people. New York, NY

Coaching, mentoring and advising are action-oriented interventions to address professional, leadership, management, and/or other career needs. All are distinguished by a focus on accountability and follow-through to work with you or your staff to elicit solutions and strategies, as well as to nurture the skills and resources that you already possess.

  • As a coach, I am able to partner with you or your staff in a short-term, thought-provoking and creative process that will seek to inspire you to improve your professional potential and performance. This can be structured to help establish and meet goals, understand and resolve challenges, and focus on growth. I may not have all the answers but I bring an outside-in and unemotional perspective. I will work with you on a process of discovery and skill development, asking questions and posing challenges to lead you to your desired achievements.

  • As a mentor, I work with you or your staff to create a longer-term professional relationship where the benefit will ultimately be derived from a deeper engagement than is common in most short-term approaches such as coaching or advising. I want to see you become more successful and am willing to spend the time you need with you. Your agenda and goals will change over time. In this process, you will connect with a leader who understands the value of investing in your work and who will help you develop answers and solutions to your questions and goals.

  • As an advisor, I serve as a “sharpshooter” with a focus on a specific area of expertise to help you or your staff address a direct question or concern. This is a short-term undertaking and usually seeks to rapidly address or solve an urgent problem.

Carrie Davis speaking at Gay City News’ first-ever Impact Awards on March 3, 2016, an event to honor extraordinary activists in the LGBTQ community. Brooklyn, NY

I am an experienced public speaker who can provide expert, customized keynotes, speeches, panels, testimony and lectures based on your topic, audience and setting and addressing group development, HIV, substance use, LGBT issues, and other topics.

  • Keynote and conference speeches

  • Legislative testimony

  • Conference and symposium panel participation

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